Advertising on Prospectuz

We offer text, banner display and rich media advertising opportunities at and as a potential advertiser, you have several options to advertise with us, all of which are listed below.

If you would like to promote your existing goods and services or introduce your new product or service and gain brand awareness or market share – Prospectuz Network can be the wise choice platform to meet your marketing objectives, fast and cost effectively. Unlike advertising on other channels, marketing your products and services within Prospectuz pages can help you reach your direct and relevant audience within Uzbekistan’s local and international professional community and foreign representatives who have higher potential purchasing power when it comes to considering your brand.

With Prospectuz Premium Advertising, you can tailor your ads to our basic users or target directly PRO members of the site, thus increasing the respond rate and effectiveness of your campaigns. Your ads will be displayed on the most attractive and well-visited pages of our network – such as Market, Groups, Media sections, our Pro News, All Users and many other specific pages.

Advertising with Daromad

All advertising at Prospectuz Network is powered, tracked and managed by our own self-service advertising platform – Daromad. Daromad is also Uzbekistan’s first and most powerful international ad serving, ad management and site monetization platform connecting local digital media with active advertisers and publishers. You will need to sign up free with Daromad as an Advertiser, create your campaign with creative, set your own price and budget, and we will take care of the rest.

To ensure the efficiency and success of your advertising we promote and maintain banner formats of international stabdards, which meet the requirements of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Once you’ve registered with Daromad, you can access a full list of all IAB supported ad formats and sizes and here are some of most popular ones (which also should not exceed 40kb in size):

  • 300x250 (medium rectangle)
  • 180x150 (rectangle)
  • 728x90 (leaderboard)
  • 160x600 (wide skyscraper)

Cost of Advertising

Prospectuz charges for display advertising very competitive prices in the market. We use performance-based approach to define the costs of advertising. You may choose to pay for thousand impressions (CPM), each click (CPC), or for each other action, which may be cost per lead (CPL) or cost per sale (CPS). We treat all Advertisers equally and set constant prices for each tracking method:

  • CPM (Cost per Mile) - price for displaying your ad thousand times on Prospectuz;
  • CPC (Cost per Click) - price for each click on your ad on Prospectuz;
  • CPL (Cost per Lead) - price for each lead generated via your ad on Prospectuz;
  • CPA/X (Cost per Action/X) - price for commercial/or other defined activity made via your ad on Prospectuz.

For more information, please, write us via our contact form or email at

Advertise as Prospectuz Affiliate

If you wish to advertise Prospectuz business networking website on your own website and earn commissions, we are here to offer you highest commissions in the market. We are currently running Prospectuz Affiliate Program (PAP) on our Daromad Network, which offers ready tracking codes for our ad banners. All you need to do is to pass free registration on Daromad Network as an Affiliate and receive tracking code. This is the best way to monetize your website, as we offer very competitive commissions.

Exchange Ads with Prospectuz

Would you like to promote your brand on Prospectuz business networking website? And do you have a web resource with attractive ad spots? We invite you to participate in our Ads Exchange Program as a Media Partner and advertise your brand on our website in return to placing our ad banners on your web resource. You may exchange ads with Prospectuz on periodic terms – for a week or month. For more information, please, write us via our contact form or email at

About Daromad

Daromad is Uzbekistan’s first and most powerful self-service international ad serving, ad management and site monetization platform connecting local digital media with active advertisers and publishers globally. We established Daromad Network to ease online and digital advertising process and shift display advertising from traditional periodic-fee-based pricing to far more efficient performance-based pricing schemes. Daromad connects advertisers and site owners directly and simplifies the process of performance based online advertising. It is the most effective, secure, reliable and easy to use online advertising platform which lets you save and control your online marketing budget and at the same time achieve maximum results from your campaigns.

Therefore, while you can use Daromad to advertise on Prospectuz, you can further utilise the platform to manage your own online advertising across other web estates both locally and internationally. So why wait for others, discover new opportunities to promote your business and monetise your website in the digital space of Uzbekistan and beyond with Daromad Network now. Sign up free or request a free 30 mins personalised demo tour via our contact form or by emailing us at