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Life is all about making the right choices
for different purposes.
And it's great when you have a choice at all! So when you face one - make it your own
and capture new prospects it brings along.
We welcome you to Prospectuz Network!
Prospectuz is a relationship building place for A B C A Local professionals and university graduates currently living and working
in Uzbekistan.
, B Uzbekistan people currently living and working, engaged in professional or academic activities in foreign countries.
, C Foreign professionals and expatriates already engaged or interested in doing business and investing in Uzbekistan; finding local partners and useful contacts.
Prospectuz helps youBuild an extensive business network

View prospective contacts up to five degrees and increase your chances to get connected directly.
Prospectuz helps youCreate your real e-commerce page
  • Post your products, services, offers
  • Accept and make online payments
  • Find new customers, clients and leads
Prospectuz helps youFind new investment ideas and funding sources
  • Connect to Uzbekistan entrepreneurs & find new opportunities to invest in
  • Post your start up project or business to attract local-international investors
Prospectuz helps youGet noticed by sharing your expertise in Groups
  • Create industry-interest based groups
  • Join discussions, explore and learn
  • Build relationship with your audience
Prospectuz helps youEnhance your online presence with media files
  • Create and share photo galleries
  • Upload videos or run webinars
  • Play audio or business podcasts
  • Share documents in any format
Prospectuz helps youOrganise professional online events
  • Learn about new events in your area
  • Invite contacts to your own events
  • Share media files of your past events
Prospectuz helps youEasily interact and engage with your contacts
  • Use internal mail or instant messaging
  • Introduce contacts to new prospects
  • See timeline of your friends' activities
Prospectuz helps youEffectively reach your target audience
  • Build your professional web presence
  • Attract clients, partners or employers
  • Advertise and expand your business
Prospectuz helps youStay informed of your industry news and trends Save time by viewing our rss feeds aggregator pages featuring latest news from your favourite blog and media sites.


#1 professional networking hub for all your business prospects in Uzbekistan!
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